Welcome to Tongariro School

Tongariro School is a co-educational school established in 2004 as a result of education initiatives instigated by the Labour Government. 

Children outside Tongariro SchoolWe cater for students from new entrants to Form 7, which translates to Year 1 through to Year 13 in the new system becoming established in the New Zealand educational system.

The principal aim is to give students in our rural communities the same educational advantages that exist in centres of larger population while at the same time making use of the many opportunities afforded by their location.

Tongariro School is governed by a Board of Trustees and led by a Principal supported by three Deputy Principals.  The Deputy Principals individually have responsibility for the three main areas of schooling namely primary, middle and secondary even though the school runs as a whole school.

This concept allows for the individual growth for teaching and learning for students in their own areas as well as providing the whanau support concept necessary in a small community and supports the transition from one area of the school to the next.